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fruehlingswiese lines plasma mayaeltic head1 cables spatrball treeworlds treem valley everything archipelago2
zauntorgriff boschards pholiage sfirgrim bluefar2jpg find077 city1 citymap stone_mask Hong Kong island paradise
junjunD interference grafitiS dancer depth blob no way out sendaka worttunnel marsk r-pentomino paradise island
tangle tjrelax spring magic sakura fish fovea_centralis colspher Beauty is in the eye of the beholder turmitv2 tears in rain ripplevineverse
eddie jones lins dnavolve atlantis inscription Tara couraison magatama lifelines This picture was generated in August 1995
with the program CELAUT15.PAS, a one-dimensional cellular automaton simulating sand dunes.
The higher a dune, the brighter the pixels. The time-axis runs from top to bottom.
Individual dunes become diagonal stripes as they move in the simulated wind
that blows from left to right. Note how faster small grey and blue dunes run
into the higher yellow dunes that move slower. blue signal
artag alien gate digicam3 river entrails map roses_jrycs cosmic flower gaiastar week turmitw10 beroyll field
flock alien_spaceship_over_Central_Park bouquet spiwhorl curlocus2 yangyin point of view octahedron menorah turmitw8 horuseye
May 2003 fractalO pot of gold snoweye moondragon hit_ball octahedron_02 pyramblk maghex2 permutations6 Stereogram double_dragon
digicam 2 _fem hearts_desire kakidots interieur pilz threshold alphabet_pithagoras PEMS mandala huichol red_sun
s8bloc migration caveyes tanabatile weaves tomato mandalaY fog blind_spot eye upon Earth stringed_paperclip
dinosaurian whorl 3 flag chigaru psyrose mandala1 wafer hallucinal hand_made signpost

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