"To achieve independence from alien domination &
to consolidate revolutionary gains,
five steps are necessary: 1)Proclaim a new era &
set up a new calendar (...)"

Canetti sagt sehr deutlich,
"die Ordnung der Zeit sei das vornehmste Attribut aller Herrschaft.
Eine neue Macht, die sich behaupten will,
muß an eine Neuordnung der Zeit gehen."


Tools for Calendar-Makers
Special Calendars
Calendar Poetry
Calendar Reform

Tools for Calendar-Makers

Table of Moon phases from 1923 to 2105 CE (lunation #0 to #2262; 185 kB)

A python program to compute suitable integer calendar periods for two different cycles, e.g. between synodic month and tropical year: soluna.htm

A perl program to compute the Christian Easter date between 1700 and 2199

Sunspot Cycle - when is the next solar maximum? plus links for in-depth study.

Pendulum "Sees" Eclipse - the fundamental problem with clocks and the definition of time.

The Seven-Day Week - a short history and a long table of connotations for each weekday.

Astonishing Math With Playing Cards (Suitable for children from age 10)

Essays on mathematical themes

Global Calendar links FAQ, introductions, link lists, calendars, online computations, y2k, moon, week ...

Special Calendars

Mario Hilgemeier's Calendars - solunar YANUS, Seven Space, zodiacal ROZE, Freetime ...

Karl Palmen's Calendars - Yerm, Playing Card, Rainbow Alphabet ... plus a systematic overview over some solar calendars.

Calendar Poetry

Echo, a poem dedicated to calendar-makers. And another, a haiku about time and consciousness. And in the same vein, Does the Week "Really" Start on Monday or Sunday? .

Calendar Reform

Calendar Relativity Einstein's reform of Newton's physics as model of a successful reform and why there was no calendar reform in the 20th century.

Calendar Reform in the 21st Century?

Advice for Prospective Calendar-Makers

Dual Sun Time - beyond daylight saving time


On Fractal Time - an essay in the making ... gives examples of my own and other people's fractal calendars.

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