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Connotation Table

The following table assigns various connotations (possible meanings) to the seven days of the week. It is meant as an aid to those researching the qualities of time. Since this is a condensation of my own studies, some of the assignments remain personal. You will know what suits you.

I wish you joy in your studies. Please feel free to email me anything you deem relevant, especially original research, additions, and corrections.

interpretation Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
UNO/ISO day order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
biblical day order 2 3 4 5 6 7 1
Roman god(dess) Luna Mars Mercurius Jupiter Venus Saturnus Sol
Greek god(dess) Selene Ares Hermes Zeus Aphrodite Chronos Helios
god(dess) sex female male hermaphrodite male female male? female? male
(also female)
astrological planet Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Sun
astrological planetary character (selection) moods, emotion war, achievement cunning, purposefulness power, expansion beauty, harmony death, limitation expression, self-confidence
further astrological planetary character feeling the nurturing at-homeness you enjoy in the womb and offering this to others taking action by charging ahead with fire, passion, bravery and initiative accessing, processing, generating and communicating data being buoyant, lightening up, reaching out, widening your horizons, and opening doors of opportunity appreciating value, investing in it, and enjoying it crystalizing energy into matter and experience into gems of wisdom assuming center stage, shining like a star, bringing light and life into the world
Leary circuit (after R.A.Wilson) bio-survival (1) anal-territorial (2) semantic (3) metaprogramming (6)? neuro-genetic (7)? socio-sexual (4) hedonic (5) neuro-atomic(8)
synodic revolution period [days] 29.53 779.9 115.9 398.9 583.9 378.1 1.000
sidereal revolution period [days] 27.322 686.980 87.969 4332.71 224.701 10759.5 365.256 (Earth)
symbolic planetary number 7 9 5 3 6 8 4
astrological planetary gemstone(s) moonstone ruby? pearl, sapphire amethyst, lapislazuli emerald onyx? diamond?
alchemical metal Silver Iron Mercury Tin Copper Lead Gold
zodiac signs Cancer (06-22 - 07-22) Aries (03-21 - 04-20),
Scorpio (10-24 - 11-22)
Gemini (05-21 - 06-21),
Virgo (08-24 - 09-23)
Pisces (02-21 - 03-20),
Sagittarius (11-23 - 12-21)
Libra (09-24 - 10-23),
Taurus (04-21 - 05-20)
Aquarius (01-21 - 02-20),
Capricorn (12-22 - 01-20)
Leo (07-23 - 08-23)
western astrological planetary color silver red yellow blue green black golden
Chinese astrological planetary color silver red black green white yellow golden
chakra rainbow color orange yellow light blue dark blue green (infra-)red (ultra-)violet
chakra alternate colors orange golden turquoise indigo, yellow, violet pink, magenta, gold fiery red white, gold
primary chakra Gonads (2.) Solarplexus (3.) Throat (5.) Brow (6.) Heart (4.) Root (1.) Crown (7.)
finger of astrological planet ball of the small finger thumb little finger index finger ring finger middle finger ball of the thumb
chirological finger character archetypes, fantasy vital I-assertion, dynamics communication shaping urge, self-worth you-relationship, empathy responsibility, self-limitation, accomplishment, factual creative power
original Qabalah planetary association Yesod Geburah Hod Chesed Netzach Binah Tipareth
sacred chakra truth (after C. Myss) Honor One Another Honor Oneself Surrender personal will to Divine Will Seek Only the Truth Love Is Divine Power All Is One Live in the Present Moment
sephiroth (after C. Myss) Yesod Hod | Netzach Geburah | Chesed Binah | Chokmah Tipareth Shekinah Kether
keywords (after C. Myss) creativity, vitality, giving birth, holy union integrity. self-esteem, honor code | endurance, commitment judgement, chin, will | mercy ? harmony, unconditional love, healing, ecstasy tribe, Gaia, environment end of female/male split, let your dead go
Christian sacrament (after C. Myss) communion confirmation confession ordination marriage baptism extreme unction (last ointment)
Divine synonym (suggestion) Soul Spirit Mind Truth Love Life Principle
western business week (suggestion) assessment of work to be done, start up forging ahead serious problems, confusion, solution alternatives decision, meeting closure, (temporary) solution exhaustion, relaxation germinating ideas, next week's shadows
Chinese lunar week point of return (i.e. starting point) excitation serenity (i.e. the process quietly at work) donator (i.e. maximum of maleness, no moon) mild penetration immobility receptor (i.e. maximum of femaleness)
associated I Ching hexagram (number) Fu (24) Chen (51) Tui (58) Chhien (1) Sun (57) Ken (52) Khun (2)
Fludd's cosmic monochord planet tone D a E b F c G
regenerative herbal tea mix peppermint, hyssop, lime-blossom, parsley stinging nettle, mallow, basil, lemon verbena thyme, anise, chicory, marjoram melissa, fennel, dandelion, chervil peppermint, hip, raspberry leaves, milfoil(yarrow), coriander shavegrass, caraway, willow-herb, corn-flower (English name unknown; German: Johanniskraut), camomile, rosemary, lemon verbena, (English name unknown; German: Ringelblume)
grain rice barley millet, (probably also amaranth) rye oats maize (corn) wheat, (probably also spelt)
six-color thinking after E.DeBono (suggestion) red - emotions yellow - benefits green - po white - objectivity red - emotions black - dangers blue - meta
human life phase (suggestion) birth youth childhood maturity wisdom death conception
Senshi Sailor (anime character) Moon
Tsukino Usagi
Hino Rei
Mitsuno Ami
Kino Makoto
Aino Minako
Tomoe Hotaru
Chiba Mamoru
Senshi Sailor (anime character) birthday June 30 April 17 September 10 December 5 October 22 Januar 6 August 3 (Mamoru)
Japanese day name getsu-youbi ka-youbi sui-youbi moku-youbi kin-youbi do-youbi nichi-youbi
meaning of Japanese day name (note the five Daoistic elements and the two big lights in the sky) moon-day fire-day water-day wood-day gold-day earth-day sun-day
Senshi Sailor weapon moon-stone + grail fireball + spell water + bubbles thunder hearts / crescent beam death / rebirth rose
Senshi Sailor outer planets (suggestion) Star Healer
Star Fighter
Kaiou Michiru
Tenou Haruka
Star Princess? Pluto
Meiou Setsuna
Star Maker
Senshi Sailor outer planets weapon - - water + mirror thunder + sword - time staff -
Octaeder direction (suggestion 1) Down South North West East In Up
Octaeder direction (suggestion 2) East North West Center South Down Up
Tree (source) Willow Holly Ash Oak Apple Alder Birch
Germanic/Celtic deity (source) Mani Tiwaz Odin Thor Frigg Saetere Sol
Classical Element (source) Water Fire Air Fire Earth Earth Fire
Totem animal (after Kevin Tobin) Wolf Bear Eagle Elephant Dolphin Crocodile Lion/Jaguar
animal (mhi suggestion) Hare Hawk/Dragon Fox Tiger Dove Scarabaeus Quetzal/Phoenix

Further Connotations

Thanks to Ashley Yakeley, who told me about Aleister Crowley's book 777, especially Table III, which is relevant here (entry: Monday, 1998-08-03).

Die astrologischen Planeten (mit Bildern der astronomischen Planeten)

Open Questions

Here are some bunches of seven I could not find assignments to. Maybe you know how to do it?

Explanations and meditations for the 7-pointed Elven star (no picture of the star on that page)
1 - The Sun (prosperity, justice, the Gate)
2 - Tree Spirits (friendship and healing)
3 - Water Spirits (creativity, sexuality, Awakening)
4 - Magic (blessings ov thee Goddess, love)
5 - the Gateway (balance? entering Elfland)
6 - Wind Spirits (justice, healing)
7 - Success (Gaia Consciousness?)

The seven virtues, the seven vices.

The seven enigmata:
1. Nature of matter and force
2. Origin of movement
3. Beginning of sensation
4. Freedom of will
5. Origin of life
6. Goal of life
7. Beginning of Reason and Language

The seven miracles of the ancient world:
1. Egyptian pyramids
2. Gardens of Semiramis in Babylon
3. Artemis' temple in Ephesus
4. Zeus statue of Phidias
5. Burial monument of king Mausolos of Karien
6. Colossus of Rhodos
7. Pharos lighthouse, Alexandria

If you can help me, please drop me an email. Corrections are also welcome. I'd also like to hear of other weekday qualities (also other cultures - Ancient Egypt, India, China, Japan anybody? Gemstones?).

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