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Advice for Prospective Calendar-Makers

Many spiritual and esoteric systems have their own special system of ordering time. And many of these once secret systems are now publicly available, in libraries, via mail order, and on the internet. The seeker of today is not bound to the handful of systems available locally, but can test different systems from all over the world to find out which best suits the needs. This present "californialization" bred the "religion shopper", which (in the extreme) subscribes to the "religion of the month".

This behaviour can be beneficial, if it leads to a greater ability to assess the flaws and merits of religions and make an informed choice. Many traditions stress that you have to study and use the system of your choice for many years to fully appreciate it. If this is not an argument to keep followers, it might hint to the old saying "the fool who persists shall become wise". In other words, everyone develops differently in the course of his life and uses the various systems at hand for his own life-purpose - at first, it matters not which system you use. But it is important to consider which system is best for you and your world. No system is good by itself, some you can make valuable by how you use them.

This is where calendars come in. Nobody has to believe the rules stated in the old (often religious) calendars, instead one can test them. For instance, which of two otherwise equal rice fields yields more rice - the one planted at the "good" moon phase or the one planted in "bad time"? Or use one of the other sensitive plants from the popular lunar calendar books. There you will find more rules (when to clean what, when to cut hair, nails for desired effects, times for food, healthcare etc).

The point I want to make is that you can find out what works for you. Look at the different calendars available, record how you feel, what special events happened, coincidences with calendar dates, periodicities and recurring events, successes and failures, and the like, whatever is important to you, whatever keeps you in synch with your universe.

If a calendar doesn't work or make sense to you, discard it. If some calendars work partly, adapt them. It is difficult to abolish existing dominant calendar systems totally, but at least in parts of your life, you can do what you want and use your own time schedule. Specify what you'd like to have, develop your own calendar or seek help from other people in doing this.

I recommend you read basics about calendars first. Then ponder what you want to accomplish or take your pick from some calendar objectives.

Calendrix shows some exemplary calendars. Take care in designing your own calendar, use the resources available on the net. Your creation could be mathematically pleasing; to develop such an artifice is a highly satisfying experience in itself which may teach you some math you have forgotten. And it might really help you or bring joy to somebody else.

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