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Art Unlimited and the Return of the Pythagoreans

      We can see now that the possibilities for Art are endless, 
even in its classical dimensions (design, painting, sculpture, 
architecture, poetry, literature, history, music, dance, drama and 
science). Any successful artist today can hardly avoid the 
digitizing of his art in video images, CD recording or in files of 
design programs. In modern media, all is converted to signs or 
symbols (numbers in most cases). Pythagoreans saw numbers and their 
proportions as the nature and essence of all things [23]. Some of 
their discoveries were the harmonical laws in music and geometry (e.
g. the Pythagorean theorem). Today, numbers form the basis for the 
recording, storing and retrieving of information (and a lot of 
beautiful artistic compositions), regardless of the notion that art 
has a non-rational component that may not be computable at all. All 
of modern physics, genetics, "artificial life"[24, 25, 31] and 
automata psychology (another term for artificial intelligence) can 
be seen as a quest for finding the ordering principles in nature by 
using mathematics as tool to operate on its models of nature or even 
generate its models. 

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