Making Sense From Random Words

A collection of poems with a construction principle of my own design:

This method works much like the frottage technique in painting - you create random blobs and "see" forms into it which you bring out. Poems after 1998-02-25 appear with the random original.

Being Love Wed, 1998-02-11
Walking the Edge Wed, 1998-02-25
The Reaper Struck Tue, 1998-04-28
Echo Fri, 1998-05-08; dedicated to calendar makers
In-Between Tue, 1998-06-09
Back to One (in Time) Thu, 1998-06-11
Walking the Same Road as Cain Thu, 1998-06-18
Over the Edge (Get This Key!) Wed, 1998-07-22
Like Waters Thu, 1998-08-06


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