Thrice Mighty

The magical truths of the famous "Tabula Smaragdina" (Emerald Table) of Hermes Trismegistos ("the thrice mighty") interpreted anew:

Certainty can be gained - Heaven exists. You are infinite. "You" is not your body; "you" is that which runs your body (and your thinking mind, for that matter).

As above, so below. Each represents All; in self-similar fashion. The universe is like a hologram, where each part contains the whole. "I am God" translates, "I am a fractal [version] of God, which is a version of the All-That-Is" ( You are IT ).

Like produces like. What you put out is what you get back. What you believe to be true or which thoughts you hold in consciousness (or which movies you view) tend to become true. Be careful what you wish - it may materialize in reality.

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